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Welcome to Meme’s Treasures

Here at Meme’s Treasures we offer 100% authentic pre-loved designer bags, and we LVoe Louis Vuitton! By keeping our primary focus on Louis Vuitton items we have become experts in them. While many consignment stores offer every designer out there, our special love for the Louis Vuitton heritage and history has compelled us to focus on this top designer.

We also buy, sell, and authenticate other designers, but we find that keeping our hearts with Vuitton allows us to offer you the best product! With the prices at the boutique going up faster than ever, more ladies are turning to pre-loved bags to meet their fashion needs. Why spend hundreds more?

The most important reason to shop with us?

Well… you could search Ebay, Craigslist and countless other sites for hours on end with no guarantee of authenticity. Let us take that risk for you. When you buy from us you get an authenticity guarantee, so there is no need to stress about finding “the real deal”!

So kick off your shoes, pour some wine and click an option above or below to enjoy what we have to offer!

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