Sell To Us

Sell us your unwanted Louis Vuitton!

Do you have a closet full of unwanted unused bags? That is like money just sitting on the shelves. We are happy to buy your good condition used Louis Vuitton. I will work hard to get you the highest amount that I can.

For a quote please send clear and detailed pics (including pics of any flaws) to:

How much can I get?

Your offer will depend on several factors, including:

  • If the bag is a current hot style
  • Shade of patina (the lighter the leather, the more the bag is worth)
  • Condition of canvas;
  • Inside (large stains detract from value),
  • Piping,
  • and Hardware.

Don’t let your hard earned money waste away in your closet!  Send those LV to someone who will love and cherish them!  Text today to get a quote! After you receive your quote you will mail the handbag to:
Contact us at 936-525-8202 or at for shipping address.
Once we see your bag in person we will make you a final offer, which you can accept or we can send you the bag back (at your cost).  We have even paid more than our initial offer on several occasions when the bag looked better in person!  It’s that easy to get cash in your hands!  We usually Paypal gift you the money the same day we receive your purse. If you choose to take store credit and pick yourself out a new fabulous handbag, then we will offer you even more!

“Why sell to Meme’s when I can get more on my own?”

This is a question we get all the time…  On some items, our offers are close to what you could get selling the item yourself.

So why would you take less from us when you could get more on your own?

  1. The extra effort of taking pictures and answering questions is a headache that some ladies would like to avoid.
  2. We take the risk!  Cruise on over to The Purse Forum and read the Ebay section to see what we mean!  In this day and age scammers are running rampant.  From empty box scams to claiming your authentic bag is a fake, there are so many it could make your head spin.  Scammers are getting better too and ready to take advantage of any weakness!  When you sell to us you avoid the 180 day worry of someone filing a Paypal claim against you.  Avoiding the rent and return is also a top goal in this day and age.  Many buyers use your item for up to 6 months then file a claim and get their money back!  Unfair yes but it does happen.
  3. After Ebay, Paypal, and shipping fees sometimes your profit is much lower than you think!  Make sure to add up all these fees when deciding where to sell your bag.
  4. Finally, we pay in Paypal gift payments.  That means our offer is exactly what you will receive.  No fees of any kind!  So please consider us when you’re selling your next bag.