What brand would you like to authenticate?

Authentication documents are only provided for orders and items found to be AUTHENTIC.  If an item is found to be fake and you need documentation for a dispute, additional fees will apply for custom documentation drafting.  

Update: All documents for items deemed AUTHENTIC and generated by Meme’s Treasures on and after 4/14/16 contain an added layer of security to better protect our clients and their purchases from scams and counterfeiters.

Documents for authentic items issued by Meme’s Treasures now contain a QR code.  When properly scanned, the original document will be displayed on with a special dedicated link.  

If someone presents an authentication document claiming to be from Meme’s, and their code takes you anywhere other than Meme’s Treasures official website, it can be assumed that you are dealing with a forged document.

Documents for dispute cases (or other than authentication service documents) are not maintained on our server and will not contain QR codes or validation numbers for public cross-referencing.  If you have questions regarding dispute cases or other validity claims, please contact us via email.

Authentication letters and correspondence prior to 4/14/16 will NOT contain this added layer of security.  However, if you have any doubts about the origin of your Meme’s Treasures issued certificate or letter, please contact us for assistance.


Meme’s Treasures is happy to help you with your authentication needs.  We know a designer handbag can be a big investment and there’s no better way to protect that investment than ensuring you get the real deal.  Meme’s is hailed as one of the internet’s premier designer authentication services with brand experts for handbags and small leather goods* from the following designers: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, YSL, Gucci (Handbags Only), Marc Jacobs, Dior, Fendi.

We strive to offer one of the quickest turnaround times for any online service and take it a leap further by providing phone support by text!  Louis Vuitton items are done personally by Meme herself and turnaround times average less than 60 minutes! For all others done by our brand experts, we strive to provide an answer within 24 hours & no additional rush fee.

We provide PayPal and other bank/merchant approved Authenticity and Dispute Letters.  Bags that feature our Letter of Authenticity tend to sell higher & faster than those without.  The seller also protects themselves from “non-authentic” claims by the buyer when it’s too late to have your item authenticated.

Buyers and sellers alike love our Estimated Value service, which ensures great deals are made and that items sell at a fair price. Estimated Value is ONLY added to documents if requested.  We can authenticate straight from the online marketplace of your choosing (eBay, Tradesy, Snobswab etc.)  Please ensure you can work with the seller to obtain all required pictures, as we can not offer refunds due to a lack of required photos once our service has been started.

Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing any authentication services from Meme’s Treasures.

After you complete your payment, please send required photos (CLICK HERE for guide) by text to 936-525-8202 (fastest service) or by email to  You can also upload your photos to Dropbox and send us the link.  If your item is in an auction or online listing we can do it straight from your link.

Please allow up to 24 hours from confirmation of authenticity for delivery of letter by email.
*Our authentication services include handbags and small leather goods/purse accoutrements only.  (No jewelry, shoes, fragrance or clothing items)